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Byblical Women, Lot's Daughters ©


Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition
The Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem, Israel


Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition
Seads of Colors Gallery, Golan Heights

Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition
ZOA Gallery, Beit Zionei Amerika, Tel Aviv

2017: Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition, Ramot, Golan Heights, Israel

2017: Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition, Herod Museum and Visitors Center, Tiberius, Israel

2015: Signs Of Memory, Group Exhibition, Duisburg, Germany.

2014: Biblical Art, Group Exhibition, Megiddo, Israel.

2014: Homage to Leonardo, Group Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel.

2014: Signs Of Memory, Group Exhibition, Givaataim, Israel.

2013: Solo Exhibition, Performing Arts Center Yad Shitrit, Tiberias Israel.

2013: Group Exhibition, The Jerusalem center for the performing arts, Jerusalem, Israel.

2013: Group Exhibition, out of the frame, Light House Gallery

2013: Group Exhibition, Espace Dix, Jerusalem, Israel.

2012: The Water Institute Gallery, Givaatayim, Israel.

2012: Solo Exhibition, Espace Dix, Jerusalem, Israel

2012: Camera with a paintbrush, Solo Exhibition, Dona Gracia Museum, Tiberias, Israel.

2012: 3 Photographers, Castra Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

2012: urban art , The Museum Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2012 : Feminine look, Performing Arts Center, Netanya, Israel.

2012: FOTOGRAFÍAS BISIESTAS/LEAP YEAR PHOTOGRAPHS 111th anniversary of the birth of the writer Ramón J. Sender, Huesca, Spain.

2012: Internal Dialogue, La Macina di SanCresci, Tuscany – Italy.

2011: Open Us A Gate, Museum Windows Gallery, Ramat Aviv, Israel.

2011: From Sand to city, The Mishkan LeOmanut, Holon, Israel.

2011: Diery Pieces, The Art Hoouse, Drury Lane, Weakefield, England.

2011: Femmes Et Memories, Memoire de Lavenir, Paris.

2010: Secret Art- Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, Israel




Makor Rishon

isarel today
may 2017
March 2017

2015: Golan Land
ארץ הגולן דיקלה לאור החיים בפריים אחד

2014: The Marker
Dec 2012 : International Masters of Photography / World Wide Art Books Inc.
2012 : International Masters of Photography / World Wide Art Books Inc.

2012 : The Art Of Art Integration, Nomi Oz Berkowiz | Roni Oz, Yotzrim Gallery.

2013: 44 Degrees

2011: “The Artist Series”- a video archive featuring Israeli artists produced by “Projectiv”, “Artura” & “The Artist Museum” in collaboration with “Export”, Israel: To see the Interview

2008: Otografos En La Calle, Cidipal, By Israel Ministry of “Hasbara”.