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Byblical Women, Lot's Daughters ©


Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition
Seads of Colors Gallery, Golan Heights

Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition
ZOA Gallery, Beit Zionei Amerika, Tel Aviv

2017: Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition, Ramot, Golan Heights, Israel

2017: Biblical Women, Solo Exhibition, Herod Museum and Visitors Center, Tiberius, Israel

2015: Signs Of Memory, Group Exhibition, Duisburg, Germany.

2014: Biblical Art, Group Exhibition, Megiddo, Israel.

2014: Homage to Leonardo, Group Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel.

2014: Signs Of Memory, Group Exhibition, Givaataim, Israel.

2013: Solo Exhibition, Performing Arts Center Yad Shitrit, Tiberias Israel.

2013: Group Exhibition, The Jerusalem center for the performing arts, Jerusalem, Israel.

2013: Group Exhibition, out of the frame, Light House Gallery

2013: Group Exhibition, Espace Dix, Jerusalem, Israel.

2012: The Water Institute Gallery, Givaatayim, Israel.

2012: Solo Exhibition, Espace Dix, Jerusalem, Israel

2012: Camera with a paintbrush, Solo Exhibition, Dona Gracia Museum, Tiberias, Israel.

2012: 3 Photographers, Castra Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

2012: urban art , The Museum Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2012 : Feminine look, Performing Arts Center, Netanya, Israel.

2012: FOTOGRAFÍAS BISIESTAS/LEAP YEAR PHOTOGRAPHS 111th anniversary of the birth of the writer Ramón J. Sender, Huesca, Spain.

2012: Internal Dialogue, La Macina di SanCresci, Tuscany – Italy.

2011: Open Us A Gate, Museum Windows Gallery, Ramat Aviv, Israel.

2011: From Sand to city, The Mishkan LeOmanut, Holon, Israel.

2011: Diery Pieces, The Art Hoouse, Drury Lane, Weakefield, England.

2011: Femmes Et Memories, Memoire de Lavenir, Paris.

2010: Secret Art- Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, Israel




Makor Rishon

isarel today
may 2017
March 2017

2015: Golan Land
ארץ הגולן דיקלה לאור החיים בפריים אחד

2014: The Marker
Dec 2012 : International Masters of Photography / World Wide Art Books Inc.
2012 : International Masters of Photography / World Wide Art Books Inc.

2012 : The Art Of Art Integration, Nomi Oz Berkowiz | Roni Oz, Yotzrim Gallery.

2013: 44 Degrees

2011: “The Artist Series”- a video archive featuring Israeli artists produced by “Projectiv”, “Artura” & “The Artist Museum” in collaboration with “Export”, Israel: To see the Interview

2008: Otografos En La Calle, Cidipal, By Israel Ministry of “Hasbara”.